Malwa Ginger & Lemon 40g – 20 sachets


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Ginger & Lemon

The abundance of natural substances contained in spicy ginger roots blended with tropical lemon makes it a unique source of pleasure and wonderful taste sensations.

Ginger has valuable beneficial properties and favourably influences your organism:

  • eases digestion,
  • enhances proper functioning of digestive system,
  • alleviates anxiety and stress, soothes mind,
  • favourably influences mental and physical condition,
  • is a well-known and recognised aphrodisiac.

Lemon soothes your mind, unwinds and refreshes.

The Ginger and Lemon tea delights with its smouldering taste and flavour – it’s a dash of piquancy every day.


Put the teabag in a cup, pour hot water (200 ml), cover the cup. To obtain profound taste and aroma, the tea should be brewed for 8-10 minutes.