Malwa Formula 2 Steady Pressure Herbal Tea 40g – 20 sachets


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The tea that serves as a dietary supplement supplying circulation-supporting agents.

It is a composition of plant-based ingredients in adequate proportions, which help maintain the proper flow of blood through the body. The STEADY PRESSURE tea contains hawthorn and horsetail that aid circulation, improve the condition of blood vessels, gently relax, support the heart, and thus help maintain the proper blood pressure. Another ingredient, dandelion root, protects body cells from the harmful influence of free radicals.

Arterial blood pressure is the pressure exerted by blood on arterial walls. It is measured with the frequency of artery contraction in two values: upper value (systolic pressure), and lower value (diastolic pressure).

The tea’s ingredients:

  • help maintain the proper systolic and diastolic blood pressure,
  • aid circulation,
  • improve the condition of blood vessel walls,
  • are beneficial for the heart.

In the case of hypertension, one should regularly monitor the blood pressure, and follow medical instructions concerning the diet and medicines.

Drinking is prescribed 3 cups a day before or in the course of meal. Does not belong to surpass prescribe portion for consuming within day (three pack). Do not use in the case of allergy to any preparation ingredient, pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Put a bag in a cup, pour hot water, cover the cup. Brew for 8-10 minutes. Product can not be applicable as differentiated diet substitute.