E.Wedel Sesame Halva Chalwa Krolewska (Chocolate) – 250g



E.Wedel Sesame Halva Chalwa Krolewska (Chocolate) 250gSoft, moist and succulent halva. With a mouth-watering vanilla taste and unique texture to delight the taste buds. Cut a slice for a snack or spread on bread for a sandwich.Halva is one of the earliest recorded sweets made from crushed sesame seeds originated in Turkey and dates as far back as 3000 B.C.

Popularized by Polish Jews for centuries it can be found in almost every sweet shop in Poland.

Wedel is the oldest chocolate brand in Poland. They have been bringing pleasure to consumers for over 160 years.

Emil Wedel was an unwavering optimist, who infected others with his attitude.

Sweets bearing Wedel’s name quickly won people’s hearts and the business went into the hands of subsequent generations, which perfected the art of making chocolate.

May contain peanuts, nuts, soya.

Ingredients: sesame paste (50%), glucose syrup, sugar, vegetable fat (palm), salt, fried egg white

Product of Poland

Net weight: 250g