Uncle’s Ham HALF (2kg boneless)


A well smoked, dry, firm and full-bodied sausage. As the traditional name suggests it is a perfect snack for a day’s hunting or adventure.


Uncle’s Ham (half) bone-out

Australian Food Awards (AFA) medal winning ham.

This Uncle’s Ham is the the most popular choice, hence the flagship name. It’s the leg ham with the bone removed and it is the cult ham we slice all year round over the deli counter. It is wood smoked with the rind on so perfect for glazing.

Same recipe for 30yrs, hand made using old fashioned time honoured techniques and wood smoked 6 hours.  Uncle’s hams will take you back to a time before you bought products mass manufactured from personality free supermarket fridges.

100% Australian Free Range Pork.
Direct from the people that make it.

Feeds: 3-5 people (expect leftovers)

Weight: 1.5 – 2kg (weights will slightly vary)

Glaze recipe

Choose a ham with the skin on and pair with an Uncle’s Ham Glaze.

1. Peelback the skin(rind)gently ensuring the fatty layer stays intact.
2. Diamond score the fatty layer and decorate, juniperberry is in (you can buy them at Deli).
3. Read the Uncle’s Ham Glaze re-heating instructions and pour it over the ham.
4. Preheat ovento 200 degrees and bake. Allow approx 30min per kg of meat.
5. Centrepiece time – show it off!
6. For ulitmate effect, carve infront of the salivating Christmas audience.

Ingredients: Australian Free Range Pork (95%), sea salt, spices, sodium nitrite (250), mineral salts (451, 452), antioxidant (316), natural wood smoke.

Comes with 30+ days shelf life, keep refrigerated, consume within 5 days of opening.