Zywiec Zdroj with hint of lemon 1,2L


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“A combination of the crystalline, mountain spring water of Żywiec Zdrój, extracted from the areas located in the buffer zone of the Żywiec Landscape Park, with a refreshing note of fruit. From now on only with natural aromas.

Żywiec Zdrój with a hint of fruit is low in calories, does not contain preservatives or dyes.
Also try the summer limited edition of Żywiec Zdrój with a hint of lime and mint, as well as orange and mango, a unique combination of refreshing flavors.

Żywiec Zdrój with a hint of fruit:
– only natural flavors
– based on crystalline, mountain spring water
– low-calorie product
– no preservatives

Non-carbonated lemon-flavored drink. Pasteurized.