Nitrite Free Leg Ham HALF (4KG)


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Nitrite Free Leg Ham (HALF)

The largest in the range, this full bone-in leg ham (only half) really makes a statement on the christmas table.

Our unique nitrite free brine took us 3years to perfect. We’ve replaced all commonly used chemical ingredients with nature. You’ll recognise ‘Chemical Nitirite Free’ products by the distinct green colour of the packaging. If you want something completely free from any ‘E’ numbers this option is for you.

100% Australian Free Range Pork.
Direct from the people that make it.

Feeds: 4-6 people (expect leftovers)

Weight: 3-4kg (Chump or Shank End – Unfortunately no choice of cut)

Made with nothing but:

Ingredients: Free Range Australian Pork, Sea Salt, Pepper, Parsley, Rosemary, Honey, Tapiaco, Carrot, Celery and real Australian hardwood smoke.

Free from: chemical preservatives, sodium (250), artificial colours, weight gaining thickners, silly stabilisers, emulsifyers, flavour enhancers, E numbers, liquid smoke, etc.

Comes with 20+ days shelf life, keep refrigerated, consume within 5 days of opening.

Glaze recipe

Choose a ham with the skin on and pair with an Uncle’s Ham Glaze.

1. Peelback the skin(rind)gently ensuring the fatty layer stays intact.
2. Diamond score the fatty layer and decorate, juniperberry is in (you can buy them at Deli).
3. Read the Uncle’s Ham Glaze re-heating instructions and pour it over the ham.
4. Preheat ovento 200 degrees and bake. Allow approx 30min per kg of meat.
5.Centrepiece time – show it off!
6. For ulitmate effect, carve infront of the salivating Christmas audience.